Dawn Dolls & Their '70s Glam Fashions

Sometimes we all need a little fashion throwback. A sunny spring Sunday seems like a good time to add a little levity to our blog and pay homage to these tiny proto fashionistas!  Do you remember Dawn dolls?
They were made by toy manufacturer Topper (production ceased in 1973) for a short three years from 1970-1973. These diminutive dolls - about 6.5" tall - were all about fashion. In fact, Dawn herself was the owner (and top model, naturally) of the Dawn Model Agency. Her original pals were Angie, Jessica, Dale, Gloria, and, my favorite, Longlocks. It will come as no surprise to learn that they had good-looking boyfriends with perfect hair, who would accompany them to the fashion shows as escorts or supportive audience members.

One of my colleagues still remembers, in great detail, which dolls she had and their outfits. She even owned the oh-so-snazzy rotating fashion stage. (We did play with them a few times in the office as part of our "costume work," I confess.)  The Dawn dolls were less expensive than their larger counterpart, Barbie, so you could get many more dolls or fashion ensembles for the price. Now they are in the collectible category, so hold on to those dolls!  I suppose Bratz dolls will also be considered collectible someday - maybe they already are...

Thank you to Tara Vose Raiselis, Director Saco Museum  & Bridget Swift, Silk Damask Consulting, for their assistance.

Enjoy the Dawn fashion show, courtesy TVdays.com.


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